Trinity Test Simcoe / Mosaic

New England Style IPA

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This New England style IPA is a part of our rotating hop Manhattan Project series. As the name suggests here are 3 different variations. This specific batch has an unmistakable pineapple aroma and flavor. A bright golden/straw color with a thick haze. The malt is accentuated by adding hops only at whirlpool and it ends with an earthy, almost fresh cut grass finish. 2-row wheat & oats with heavy dry hop additions give a full creamy body that is very juicy.

Simcoe & Mosaic


ABV: 7%


IBU: 0


Clarity: Hazy


Hop Bitterness: Medium


Hop Aroma/Flavor: Mild to medium fruit aroma.

Mild to medium fruit aroma.

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